Should Dusan Tadic stay at Saints?

Last season wasn’t the best for the 28 year-old Saint’s midfielder and Serbian international, who made 38 appearances where he scored 3 goals and made 6 assists. An awful number for a player like him.

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In the last season Tadic was very inconsistent, sometimes he could make huge performances, but other times he was terrible on the pitch. He played a really important part in Puel’s plans, but that didn’t mean he would have more confidence after his nose injury. After his nose injury, he looked  like he wasn’t confident, as if he was playing with fear. That was something that made his season not the best.

Although his season was irregular, Liverpool reportedly made a £13m offer for him. This is a great offer taking into account the fact that he is 28-year-old and the time is running out as he’s getting older.

“Tadic is one of the most underrated players in the league” according to some Southampton fans. I agree with that because in the past seasons he has been one of the best midfielders in the league and wasn’t taken into account. That’s why he is a bit underrated. To see this better, we should see his stats from the other seasons  at the Premier League, Dusan signed for Saints in the summer of 2014, that season he made 31 appearances (24 as part of the starting XI and 7 as a substitute) where he scored 4 goals and made 7 assists. Not a bad season for Dusan to be fair. In his first seasonat the Premier League, he showed his potential, and proved himself.

The next season (2015/2016) was the best for him, in his second season under Koeman’s management, he made 34 appearances (27 in the starting XI and 7 as a substitute), in this season he scored 7 goals and made 12 assists, being 3rd in the Premier League player in assists. Looking at this stats it’s true that Tadic has played really well since he arrived at Saints and he has shown that he is a great player. Let’s see what he can do in the next season.

So what would you do, would you sell Dusan or would you keep him?

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